Colostrum Powder 450g

  • HEALTH LIFE Bovine Colostrum is a pure and natural product from the milk produced by the mother cow after birth of the calf. Colostrum is rich in immune proteins and immunoglobulins that help start the new born immune system to produce antibodies which ward off and defend against micro organisms in the new environment.


    For best results mix Health Life Colostrum Milk Power with a small amount of the liquid or water to make a smooth paste, then gradually add the remaining liquid to the mixture while stirring. For blender mixing, combine Health Life Colostrum Milk Powder with the desired amount of liquid and briefly blend at the lowest speed to minimize foaming.

    1 scoop=5g
    6 months to 3 year old: 1 scoop per serving
    3-14 years old: 2 scoop per serving
    15-18 years old: 2-3 scoop per serving
    Adults: 3-5 scoop per serving

    * Please mix with boiled water below 50°C