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HEALTH LIFE® introduction

Health Life® was founded in 2002, intent on bringing to consumers a new generation of nutrition and beauty products sourced from New Zealand’s natural environment.  Over 18 years, Health Life has become a leading New Zealand brand in the fields of adult health dietary needs, child nutrition.

Health Life®  has expanded a rich product line to include health care products and nature based beauty products.  Health Life has grown in New Zealand and globally as a result of continuing to ensure the quality and efficacy of all our products and attending to new research and developments in the health and beauty fields.  Health Life uses New Zealand's local natural raw materials, the latest scientific research, and precise and exclusive customised formulas.  Health Life® has strict standards for product traceability and quality inspection.  Its products comply with TGA, GMP, RMP, HACCP and other global authoritative certifications, and are subject to MPI (New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries) Supervision.
Health Life exports across the world to the United States, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Russia, the European Union, South Africa, and Australia.

HEALTH LIFE® General Manager's Message

 Health Life® has been committed for eighteen years to our original aspiration; to meet people's health needs with natural ingredients from New Zealand combined with modern science to extract and refine the unique health enhancing properties of New Zealand’s abundant and pure nature!
                                                                                                                                   General Manager Andrew Flanagan