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For 20 years, Health Life® has provided health solutions derived from the design of natural products. Health Life® only uses raw natural materials, combined with modern science and technology to extract and refine the unique health enhancing properties of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna.

Health Life® is dedicated to celebrating New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna through the most demanding food safety controls. Our pure extraction and production process develops the highest quality and most natural range of health products for our discerning consumers.
Strengthen your immune defensive line. Revitalising your body's defensive energy, and enhancing your body’s antibacterial and antiviral capabilities.
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Strengthen your body’s capacity to negate stress and generate energy to revitalise your daily life and rejuvenate your body for the stresses of the workplace.
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Provide women with healthy regulation, assisting you to preserve your natural beauty and enhance the natural harmony of your body and mind.
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Enhancing our body’s capacity to retain soft and youthful blood vessels, invigorating the brain and vitalising the heart.
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Take care of children’s holistic health needs, allowing children to thrive and open up their infinite future.
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100% New Zealand natural honey, certified by UMF Association, brings you the most assured sweetness and proven health giving Properties.
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Health Life® is New Zealand’s leader in the dietary nutrition market. We have more than 60 types of health care and nutritional supplements, all of which comply with TGA, GMP, RMP, HACCP and other global certifications. We adhere to the most scientific and purest product development and production techniques, to bring the gift of nature from New Zealand to the world.
Ingenuity starts with Nature - Health Life

Ingenuity starts with Nature

Researching nature’s remedies allows us to celebrate the inherent wisdom in nature. Our careful selection of the highest quality natural materials and refining of them using modern science and technology, allows us to bring the genius of nature to you. We refrain from using any unnatural ingredients in the production process, and maintain the integrity of nature’s gift to you.
Innovation - Health Life


We insist on innovation, to keep improving with advanced technology and research. Health Life® endeavours to maximise the effectiveness of each our products and continues to provide dependable solutions for your family’s health.
Dedication - Health Life


100% Made in New Zealand, we insist on being critical of every production process, and through our strictest food safety controls, we desire to bring consumers the highest quality and most natural full range of dietary nutrition products.
Quality Assurance - Health Life

Quality Assurance

As a leader in the natural health industry in New Zealand, all products of Health Life® comply with TGA, GMP, RMP, HACCP and other global authoritative certifications. All operations are in line with the highest standards in the industry and are supervised by MPI (New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries).
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